Air cooled condensers

Air cooled condensers
The condensers manufactured by FRIMETAL are designed to satisfy all the requirements of today's refrigeration market.

They are manufactured with three-phase axial fan motors and casings of classic cubic shape (CB and CBE series), others with three phase axial fan motors and V-shaped coils (VC and VCE series), with single-phase axial fan motors (CPN series), with centifugal fans (KC series), and small models for hermetic units (NCF series).

The coils are built with an effective combination of copper tube and corrugated aluminium fins specially designed for condensation that provides a high coefficient for thermal exchanging.

Fin spacing is alway of 2.1 mm.


We have a wide range of models:

• Three phase axial fan motors and casing of classic cubic shape (CB and CBE Series)

• Three phase axial fan motors and "V" shaped coils (VC and VCE Series)

• Single phase axial fan motors (CPN Series) and small models for hermetic condensing units
(NCF Series)

• Centrifugal fans (KC Series)

The coils of the condensers are supplied with its circuits sealed and with pressured dry air inside. In this way the installer can be sure that the unit arrives in perfect condition and leak free.


All the condensers manufactured by FRIMETAL comply with applicable Machine Directive 2006/42/CE, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE and Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/CE.




  • Possibility of vertical or horizontal placing
  • Fan motors wired to an external junction box
  • Multicircuits to serve several compressors
  • For all kinds of refrigerants: HFC's, ammonia, water, water-gylcol, oil...
  • Acoustic insulation by means of polyester foam sheets stuck to inner sides of the casing.
  • Possibility of manufacturing special models in shape, size, type of fan motors, etc. adapted to the

    particular needs of our customers.


Anticorrosion Treatments


  • Coil: coated with polyurethane resin or special treatment BLYGOLD
  • Tubes: zinced copper or stainless steel AISI-304L or AISI-316-L
  • Fins: pretreated aluminium or copper