About Us

Nael Cooling est & Air-conditioning and Industrial Equipment established in 2005 as a Jordanian company registered in Jordanian Ministry of Trade and Industry , since then it starts working with many sector’s, the most important one is the Air-conditioning , Freezing systems in both levels Industrial and Commercial.
We at Nael Cooling are very concerned to offer the best quality brand names products taking in consideration the Climate and economical situation in our region.

Company goals and Purposes:
• Supply customers with the most new technologies in the field of Air-Conditioning, Freezing and Cooling systems.
• Providing the necessary Technical studies for the projects with according to customers' needs and requirements insuring completing project with best result.
• Offering a direct communication network between customers and manufacturing suppliers.
• Providing all logistics required to the projects to insure best results

Company Advantages and Excellency :
From our believes and goals, providing all the requirements to ensure the best performance and results, we established installation , Maintenance and technical support division fully equipped with all tools and material, in addition to highly skilled and expert Technical staff enabling this division to provide the following services:-
• Installation and preparing air-Condition Cooling and Deep Freezing and its accessories.
• Installation humidity control systems for vegetables and fruits storage.
• Giving Operation Training courses for the staff of the customer.
• Offering recommendations and instructions for the best operation and storage methods.
• Offering after sale services, including maintenance contracts after warranty for Regular and Annual schedule maintenance. 

Vision :


As an integral part of the region's growth, we will be the leading utility company, delivering and operating cooling and freezing rooms and stores.

Mission :


We harness the most efficient technology and utilize our extensive experience to deliver THE projects. we focus on our customers' needs and deliver comfort, value and service to all the customers we serve .

Values :


Our corporate values underpin how we operate our business and interact with all our stakeholders .